Optimize MAC Performnce...

Optimize MAC Performnce

Easy and Fast ways to Optimize Mac Performance...

Optimize MACMAC is one of the most secured platform offered to a common user. Mac uses one of the best security methods to save disk space and provide an error free working environment for the user. But after some time of rigorous usage of data and other core computer programs, removal and re-installation of application, disk space in the MAC gets fragmented resulting in slow performance and sometimes constant error message eruption which does not allow user to open up or access a file resulting the need for optimize mac performance and disk fragmentation.

With the help of disk fragmentation process, user is able to streamline the physical location of files and folders and files and metadata are rearranged to improve the data access time and for the utilization of disk space to its maximum level. File and data become fragment with time leaving unused space in the memory which results in slow performance of the system. With the process of Optimization it gets simple for the user to collect the file fragmentations and put them back together. However any kind of failure during the process of optimize mac due to power failure or sudden software crash results in damaged files and data which can be restored from a backup copy.

If you have a slow working MAC with no sign of any corruption or file damage, you can try optimization and disk fragmentation with the help of following manual ways to optimize mac performance and speed: -

  1. Clean Startup Items: - Go to Apple menu-> System Preferences-> Accounts-> Login Items. You will definitely get surprised to know that how many there are. You can remove it by simply selecting the item by clicking on its name and then hit the "minus" button at the bottom of the list.
  2. Turn off Universal Access, Bluetooth, Speech Recognition, and Internet Sharing when it is not needed: - It is advisable that you should turn off all non required function while you are optimizing mac performance and disk.
  3. Clean Out 'Other' System Preferences: -Look at the bottom section in the System preferences window for "Other" tab. If there exists a system window which is not in general use disable it or turn it "Off" within the pane and remove it from the folder "~/Library/PreferencePanes".
  4. Remove unnecessary code: - There are some utilities like Xslimmer, Monolingual etc that will strip out unnecessary code in your software. This will help to run application faster as well as to save space of hard drive.
  5. Get rid of languages and translations you won't use: - If you are not using the languages like Catalan, Farsi, or Klingon language on your Mac then you should remove them which will result in more efficiency and drive space and optimize mac.
  6. Cool OFF and Evaluate your Widgets: -It is important to cool off your Mac for efficient functioning. Look at the widgets in use. If they are unnecessary remove them from the dashboard as ti takes RAM and processor to power the running widgets and hence results in slow performance.
  7. Keep and eye over the Activity Monitor: - You can keep up an eye over the unnecessary programs and application running over your system and eating processor speed with the help of Activity monitor.
  8. Clean Off your hard Drives regularly: -No matter how big your hard drive is, it will eventually get full. Mac uses free space of the hard drive as virtual memory which decides the overall performance of your MAC system. So if you are having a slow MAC then ti may be the reason they your hard drive is full and it needs to be cleaned up.

With the help of above manual ways user can optimize mac performance and enjoy working over their MAC system but if you are not able to perform disk fragmentation with the help of manual ways then try to do it with the help of a third party Optimize mac performance software which will optimize mac performance by cleaning unused items, hard drives and others resulting in sluggish Mac. This is an easy to use software with interactive UI and guides user through entire process of disk cleaning and optimization.

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System Requirements...
  • Mac OS X v10.4 and above
  • Hard drive:10 GB sata or pata of any brand.
  • RAM :256 MB
  • Processor:Pentium III


Optimization of MAC turns out to be frustrating and a problematic task if you don't use the perfect tool for it. I did it with the help of optimize MAC software which nto only helped to to speed up my MAC but also removed the basic corruption issues and junk files in few minutes.

Jannifer, New York, USA

Optimize MAC